Avane; paket servis modelini yeniden tasarlamak üzere tam yetkin bulut mutfaklar kuran, kendi markalarını geliştiren ve bunları yaparken teknolojiyi tüm operasyonlarının merkezinde tutan bir Türk gıda teknolojisi girişimidir.


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Innovative Restaurant Business Model

Avane has recorded significant success in the food delivery ecosystem by offering its customers 30+ brands, solely created by Avane, with unique brand names and brand positioning strategies.

At our innovative restaurant business model, we are promising our customers an exclusive dining experience with a flagship brand at the spotlight, while our kitchen delivers a culinary ensemble of our 30+ distinctive brands behind the scenes.

Our hybrid cloud kitchen model assures a high revenue potential by enabling our investors and franchisees to reach a broader customer base than conventional F&B players.

Investment Options for All Types of Investors

If you would like to join us on Avane’s journey of becoming a world-renowned F&B player and step into the future of F&B revenue streams, take your pick fromour innovative investment models:

1) Franchise Model

You can invest in and manage your own franchise branch by offering customers Avane’s innovative business model in selected locations. Meanwhile, you can continue to benefit from Avane’s expertise in marketing, advertising, procurement, logistics, training, human resources, operations and quality control.

2) Shareholder Model

With an investment amount you determine, you can become a proud shareholder of Avane branches operating under direct management of Avane Headquarters. As day-to-day operations are executed completely by Avane itself in this model, you can enjoy reaping the rewards of a profitable financial investment without thinking about the operational details.


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