Avane; paket servis modelini yeniden tasarlamak üzere tam yetkin bulut mutfaklar kuran, kendi markalarını geliştiren ve bunları yaparken teknolojiyi tüm operasyonlarının merkezinde tutan bir Türk gıda teknolojisi girişimidir.


Lokasyonlar 00 875 665 874 88 info@avanecloudkitchens.com
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Ağustos 2022

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Avane Cloud Kitchens, which we have already told you about extensively, was founded by Ahmet Orhon. The company aims to bring together its customers with virtual restaurants that serve more than 30 takeaway meals from a single kitchen not exceeding 200 square meters. It is aimed that 70 percent of these virtual restaurants will be brands created by Avane from

One of the many sectors affected by the pandemic was the food and beverage sector. The change process that started with the pandemic affected many sectors and affected the way the food and beverage sector does business. With the restrictions, restaurants and cafes have almost completely turned to online ordering and takeaway, paving the way for the emergence of new