Avane; paket servis modelini yeniden tasarlamak üzere tam yetkin bulut mutfaklar kuran, kendi markalarını geliştiren ve bunları yaparken teknolojiyi tüm operasyonlarının merkezinde tutan bir Türk gıda teknolojisi girişimidir.


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About Us

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January 2021

Launched MVP

Launched our 1st brand ÇoSa as a pilot our concept.

February 2021

Raised initial investment

Used for renting and equipping our first kitchen, building our brands, omnichannel marketing activities and building the team.

March 2021

Launched 1st Dark Kitchen

Equipped for the entire roll-out and designed for rapid expansion.

September 2021

Launched 3 New Brands

NaNe (Mantı), Kengeres (Çiğköfte), Veganista

October 2021

Launched 4 New Brands

MZTPS - Meze & Tapas, Fun For Fit, Etişleri (Online Master Franchise), Doyuyo! (Online Master Franchise)

October 2021

Launched 1 New Brands

Jay-Jay Fries

October 2021

Launched Our 2nd Dark Kitchen

Located in Ataşehir, İstanbul.

November 2021

Launched Our 3rd Dark Kitchen- First Franchise

Located in Çiğli, İzmir.

November 2021

Launched 4 New Brands

Caesar Salad by Chef Amadeo, Fadelini (Wrap&Sandwich), DEFF Coffee, DYDY - Dyliccious Dyssert

December 2021

Raised Seed Capital

Receives $1M investment from Global Founders Capital.

December 2021

Sushi Master Launched

Launched one of the largest sushi chains in the world as a master franchise.

January 2022

Launched 5 New Brands

The Bowl, Gurra Tavuk Döner, Tabur Köfte, Detroit Bad Boys Pizza, Seez Beez Falafel

February 2022

Launched Our 4th Dark Kitchen

Located in Kozyatağı, İstanbul

March 2022

Launched 2 New Brands

Souffle D'elice, Kale Arkası Mutfak

March 2022

Launched Our 5th Dark Kitchen

Located in Etiler, İstanbul

March 2022

Launched 1 New Brands

El Pollo Lasso

March 2022

Launched Our 6th Dark Kitchen

Located in Maslak, İstanbul

April 2022

Launched 4 New Brands

Red Haag, Ariana's Cheesecake, Big Bold Quick, Madritas

May 2022

Launched 3 New Brands

Rylee's Ranch Salad, Alle Bowls, G&G Burger

November 2022

Avane in UK!

Global expansion started with the first cloud kitchen in London.

November 2022

Pre-Series A Investment Round Completed

Avane raised $3.1 million in an investment round Finberg taking the lead and Twozero Ventures, Logo Ventures, Q Angels and selected angel investors joining to close the round.

December 2022

Launched Our 7th Dark Kitchen

Located in Beşiktaş, İstanbul

February 2023

Launched 1 New Brand


February 2023

Opened First Hybrid Cloud Kitchen


March 2023

Launched 5 New Brands

Oh My Chicken!
Fadelini Makarna

March 2023

Avane Franchise Applications Begins

Franchise applications with innovative investment models started.

April 2023

Opened Second Hybrid Cloud Kitchen

The second hybrid cloud kitchen located in Bayraklı, Izmir is open.

Avane Cloud Kitchens

Who are We?

Founded in 2021, Avane Cloud Kitchens is the first and fastest growing cloud kitchen startup in Turkey. With its take-away and take-away oriented business model, it operates virtual restaurants created by itself on all leading food ordering platforms in Turkey. From the logos and menus of these virtual brands; Avane designs all processes from production to delivery and customer relationship management.

By the hybrid cloud kitchen model launched in 2023; Avane serves ``healthy fast-food`` to its customers with an exclusive dining experience, while a large number of virtual restaurant brands delievered from the same single kitchen. In this model, Avane uses the same raw materials and packaging in different brands and benefits from the same kitchen equipment and employees. Thanks to this efficient model, it both operates the most efficient cloud kitchen in the world and can offer quality products to its customers at a more affordable price with the savings obtained. Thanks to the use of cross-raw materials and packaging, it contributes to sustainability by preventing waste at a high rate.

Avane Cloud Kitchens

What is Cloud Kitchen?

Cloud kitchen; is an ecosystem of virtual restaurants that offer takeaway service to their customers through digital channels.

Avane Cloud Kitchens

Why Cloud Kitchen Should Be Preferred?

Cloud kitchen creates a sustainable competitive advantage by adapting more quickly to rapidly evolving consumer tastes, as well as requiring lower investment (space design, furniture) and operating cost (rent, service staff, utilities).

Avane Cloud Kitchens

Multi Branch Approach

Multi-brand approach enables cloud kitchen operations and supply chain to be optimized

Avane Cloud Kitchens

Why is a Multi-Brand Portfolio Advantageous?

Multi-brand portfolio; minimizes manufacturing, kitchen operation and supply chain waste, while increasing kitchen efficiency and enabling brand optimization by providing a data-driven approach.